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Satw UK Character Sheet Fan Art by AmericanButterfly

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Fan Art: Satw UK Character Sheet

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Fan Art: Satw UK Character Sheet

my OC Satw UK for SATW comics by humon

UK can be rather serious sometimes.... and other times a goof ball, but most times he just thinks he's better than you...


Sister England: Mother, they have a pretty good relationship even if he's mom could be a little nagging.

Scotland: Father, pretty much like Denmark and Christiania They have a difficult relationship, yet deep down they love each other. (yes Scotland still wants Independence)

America: friends or enemies? they often argue and agree on a lot of things, UK is the older Cousin of America, Australia and Canada, UK and US had the rockiest start, Canada and Australia were a little better,

Wales: they have an ok relationship, Wales relationship with New Zealand perplexes UK, but he still wishes them the best of luck.

England: though both of them dislike being mistaken for each they get along pretty well, (much to Scotland's dismay)

UK's accent is mix of English and Scottish, and often switches accents in mid-sentence ( he's better at controlling it) he's also pretty good at mimicking other accents (hint British Spy hint)

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By: AmericanButterfly 30th July 2012

2 years ago #8595121        

@AmericanButterfly Sounds allright to me.

2 years ago #8593439        

@hnr01 satw wise US is England's son, UK is his cousin. the UK is honestly slightly older then the US.

2 years ago #8591879        

Isn't america kind of UK's child?

2 years ago #8568123        

I'm ten... and 5 ft 10 in. O_O

2 years ago #8568109        

:atroll: <----I really love this smiley! ^-^

2 years ago #8568098        

*spits out coffee* COFFEE?! REALLY?! WHO DID THIS?!
England: :atroll:

2 years ago #8567334        

@kaboom360 I changed his appearance a lot especially his hair (truth is that's the only thing I changed..) :XD: but his attitude is pretty much the same :XD:

2 years ago #8558294        

lol, I liked the expressions, especially the one that said Flirty...XDDDDDDD

2 years ago #8479752        

dude, america, and canada.

3 years ago #8471263        

This is so cool!
again love your comics.
they just really capture the the characters as if the satw artist drew+wrote them!

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