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Music Party Fan Art by AmericanButterfly

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Fan Art: Music Party

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Fan Art: Music Party

America, UK and Sister America are having a party

from this is based on a record book called Top Ten Everything of 2010, chapter 6 Music page 129, Category The 10 Last Simultaneous UK/US Chart Toppers (as at March 25, 2009)

1: "Just Dance" Lady Gaga feat Colby O' Donis # 1 Jan 31, 2009

2: "I Kissed A Girl" Katy Perry #1 Aug 16. 2008

3: "Viva la Vida," Coldplay #1 Jun 28. 2008

4: "Umbrella" Rihanna feat Jay-Z #1 May 26, 2007

5: "Give It To Me" Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado #1 Apr 21, 2007

6: "Sexyback" Justin Timberlake #1 Sep 9, 2006

7: "Burn" Usher # 1 Jul 17, 2004

8: "Yeah" Usher feat. Ludacris & Lil Jon #1 Mar 27, 2004

9: "Crazy In Love" Beyonce feat Jay-Z #1 Jul 12, 2003

10: "Lose Yourself" Eminem #1 Dec 14, 2002

By: AmericanButterfly 28th August 2012

2 years ago #8575648        

btw, it's called, "Timberland", not Timbaland, but whatevs.

2 years ago #8575646        

(singing) You have my heart, and we'll be never worlds apart, may be in magazines, but you'll be my star. Baby 'cause in the dark, you can't see shiny cars, and than's when you need me there, with you i'll always share, because, when the sun shines, we'll shine together, told you i'd be here forever, said i'll always be a friend, took an oath i'ma stick it out till the end. now that it's raining more that ever, know that we'll still have each other, you can stand under my umbrella, you can stand under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh ,eh, under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, under my umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh... (etc.) FAVE SONG EVER! lol, UK's party hat. I didn't know when he wears that hat, he's drunk.

2 years ago #8520548        

@Deadling thanks, that's his party hat :D btw don't trust anything he say's while he wears that hat, he's most likely drunk :XD:


33 M
2 years ago #8519921        

I love UK's old fashiony hat, lol.

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