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Sister Scotland Fan Art by Iateapenguin

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Fan Art: Sister Scotland

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Fan Art: Sister Scotland

It kind of... lost its resolution and became pixelated.

Anyway, there should totally be a sister Scotland at some point :3

By: Iateapenguin 28th July 2012


2 years ago #8551864        

That and all of it! :D

2 years ago #8551745        

@iheartwhalesXD you talking about my links? thanks, ^^

2 years ago #8551669        

This is still awsome work,as always. :D

2 years ago #8550340        

@iheartwhalesXD my version of Sister Scotland has the same color of hair as Scotland want to see?

1st Bro New Zealand, Sis Wales and Sis Scotland

2nd Scottish Women Drink more than English Men

3rd England meets Sister Scotland (she's suppose to be teenager..which is why her bosoms are smaller)

4th Bonjour Brother France (this one is a base..)

2 years ago #8540591        

there needs to be a sister scotland!!

3 years ago #8510474        

Shes very cute but her hair should be the same color as scotlands hair and i totally agree,there should be a sister scotland in the comics

3 years ago #8510473        

No thats sister <i>Ireland</i> not sister scotland but her hair should be the same color as her brother's hair

3 years ago #8502196        

Cute but shouldn't she have red hair?

3 years ago #8495273        

She looks nice :)

3 years ago #8474603        

I agree!

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