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Sister Austria, Skiing Fan Art by Achatfell

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Fan Art: Sister Austria, Skiing

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Fan Art: Sister Austria, Skiing

I just found out that there is no female Austria. I decided to change that ^^
She's wearing a Dirndl while she is Skiing, couldn#t make itmore austriann.

I hope you like it.

By: Achatfell 2nd September 2012


18 M
3 years ago #8511411        


3 years ago #8508342        

now i made a new sister austria - with braids

as soon as i get my new pens i colour her and i hope you'll like her :)

3 years ago #8504379        

Surper cute!!!

3 years ago #8503760        

It really evokes Winter holidays in Austria.

3 years ago #8503578        

Oh, those. :D

Meh, I'd still prefer common braids. :P


36 F
3 years ago #8503453        

Dang...I don't know the actual name of the hairstyle. Kind of like Princess Leia from Star Wars, but worn higher up.

3 years ago #8503021        

the braids are very uncomfortable under the ski helmet :)

and there are very little blonde austrians, so i decided to take this hair colour

3 years ago #8502880        

What do you mean ?.


36 F
3 years ago #8502721        

Better yet--those looped-around-the-ear braids. :P

3 years ago #8502625        

@AmericanButterfly @Karalora
At least she could've been made with braids to look more stereotypical. :P

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