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British Sisters! Fan Art by Iateapenguin

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Fan Art: British Sisters!

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Fan Art: British Sisters!

Thought I'd sketch them, as they've not been done before.

Wales, the sheep-obsessed but lovely, the Irish, freckly and ginger and big drinkers, and finally the Scottish, who speak for themselves really.

This is how I see them, anyway. :P

By: Iateapenguin 26th July 2012

12 months ago #9104974        


2 years ago #8669936        

Lovely Ireland :)
I'm fond of red hair, and that's really cool!

2 years ago #8650656        

Sister Scotland is a real hotty there :)

2 years ago #8647349        

I love it! I like the seterotypical hair colours, they're cute :)

2 years ago #8607376        

Scotland and Ireland's hair colours are so stereotypical xD but seriously, there ARE Celtics who don't look like Boudica (but no, I'm not saying 'go for blondies too'-no offence blonde-haired people, i'm just meaning think about people with brown/black hair)

3 years ago #8505916        

@EricTheRedAndWhite .... *UK/United Kingdom
Whoops. I dunno why I wrote that. Sorry, people. ^^"

3 years ago #8499880        

Super cute :3 Although I would have given Wales a different hair colour. You did Scotland PERFECTLY though :D


18 M
3 years ago #8493443        

Oooh, Redheads~ :3

3 years ago #8487323        

You mean Commonwealth, right ?. The British Empire doesn't exist anymore.

3 years ago #8487313        

I agree with @EricTheRedAndWhite, that would be a much better name for them considering Sister England isn't there, and Ireland is neither part of the British Empire, nor the UK. Otherwise, love it! :D

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