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Fan Art: Asia and the World!

Fan Art: Asia and the World!

Just a small, poorly-drawn jab at the eastward region to Humon's creation.

Korea used to use Chinese characters a looong time ago but later changed to system of its own alphabet that is very simple and easy to learn. I image China and Japan like to feel all high and mighty with their complex hanzi/kanji

I wrote 한글 'hangeul' for Korea, which is the name of its alphabet or writing system.
Japan says 憂鬱 "Yuu-utsu" which is "melancholy" or "depression". Chosen just for the complicity.
China says 為甚麼 "weishenme" which means "why?". Chosen because I studied simplified Chinese and I remember my friend from Hong Kong showing me the difference between the simplified and traditional differences of 为什么/為甚麼 and being surprised

So here's a terrible sketch taken with a terrible camera instead of a scanner because I'm a lazy twat.

Korea: "Oh, look at our language! So beautiful and complex!"
Japan: "Aw, isn't Korea just cute, China?"
China: "Yes, just adorable."

韓国 「俺らの言語見てごらん!綺麗で複雑ね!」
日本 「あぁ、韓国は可愛くないね、中国?」
中国 「うん、可愛いでしょ。」

汉国 “请看我们的文!很美观和复杂!”
日本 “啊,韩国是不是可爱,中国?”
中国 “好,可爱."

By: suenagaeiji 30th July 2012
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2 years ago #8648365        

@kaboom360 That would be pretty cool!

2 years ago #8589495        

I just wish that a Philippines would show up on SATW. :P
~Randomness rocks~merp~anime fan~gamer~asdfmovie~


33 M
2 years ago #8526256        

I liked this. Once I read the comments, and the joke made sense to me, lol. I think this is very close to the type of humor that Humon uses.


19 F
2 years ago #8521612        

Interesting!But sometimes,Chinese is quite difficult for our Chinese too.

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