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Scandinavian fillies Fan Art by

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Fan Art: Scandinavian fillies

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Fan Art: Scandinavian fillies

While drawing this I thought I'd be the only one who had such a weird idea, but then I saw similar stuff on deviantart...anyway, I'd just be awfully happy if you consider them as recognizable!

By: 18th June 2012


18 M
2 years ago #8652684        

Second male comment! LOL! Not so many bronys on here, huh?

I asure you, it is recognizable.

2 years ago #8593553        

I actually think Sister Norway looks cuter as a pony.

2 years ago #8527683        

it would take a million years to tell you how awsome this is

3 years ago #8486173        

This is epic.

3 years ago #8458961        

i like how Sis Denmark is a pegasus.

3 years ago #8451234        

Nice! I'm dying to see what sisters Iceland and Finland look like as ponies!

3 years ago #8443908        

I always thought of the flag colors-Mane/fur and the things they hold as cutie marks though. :3

3 years ago #8443698        

I think the correct term would be mares.. being how they're adults

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