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Finland Dolan Fan Art by Normalaatsra

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Fan Art: Finland Dolan

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Fan Art: Finland Dolan

Accually iz Dolan

It's funny that Dolan, the Finnish meme, or not, has related minds with Finland. And even Finlandball, from the Polandball meme.

I used a small Dolan image, unfortunately. If you want a bigger size, you can request, and I'll find another Dolan image and try to replicate it my best.

So I deleted some parts of Dolan's mouth, left the middle section as the iconic smile, made the hat by myself with a pen and using an ink dropper to copy the colors from a profile of Finland I found from the SATW Wiki. I also did the facial hair myself.

As all Dolan comics have messy designs, neatness isn't a matter.

My first fan art of all time!!! :)

By: Normalaatsra 22nd August 2012

2 years ago #8590730        

*eats Halo Halo* this is what Halo Halo looks like:



16 O
2 years ago #8574716        

roses r red
violets r blu
svedn pls
fak u

2 years ago #8571831        

Dunmerk pls

2 years ago #8556203        

Hahah, you are so funny :D


20 M
2 years ago #8552951        

Findland when Ă…land is not around and sweden is sleeping.. xD

2 years ago #8523212        

amrca pls


19 F
3 years ago #8509766        

Iz osem.

3 years ago #8500919        

finlin pls


21 M

Online Now
3 years ago #8495111        

Fak u finland.

3 years ago #8493615        

finald pls

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