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EURO 2012 and SATW Fan Art by

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Fan Art: EURO 2012 and SATW

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Fan Art: EURO 2012 and SATW

That's my SATW fan-art of Euro 2012 and Scandinavians.
Norway don't take a part in this competition that's why he stay at home and supports his best friend Denmark. Of course, he don't forget about Sweden ;)
Denmark starts championship with a win over Holland but after was offended by Portugal and later by Germany.
And Sweden...He's full of surprises! After two defeats he found force and crush France! Like a viking! Rrrrrrr!
PS: yes, I can't no joking of Russia and chips :D

By: 28th June 2012

1 year ago #9103324        

WoW cool

2 years ago #8629659        

haha Netherlands and chips
Excellent work! :D

2 years ago #8593442        

:XD: Sweden :XD;


33 M
2 years ago #8528046        

I love the crazed look on Sweden's face at the end. With how much he overreacts to things when he wins, surprised he isn't running France through with that blade, lol.


18 M
3 years ago #8511413        

Lol, Germans get only proud of their nation when they're playing football! :D

3 years ago #8455495        

Hihi Germany got the "Finland-Smile" ^^


23 F
3 years ago #8449907        

XD its a Swedish Fish!

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