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Brother USA and Sister Koreas Fan Art by

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Fan Art: Brother USA and Sister Koreas

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Fan Art: Brother USA and Sister Koreas

I drew this a while ago, and it's on my deviantart page :)

By: 10th August 2012

2 years ago #8636942        

lol, Sis NK is spazzing.

2 years ago #8630078        

I like this :-)

2 years ago #8624750        

If america gets caught by sister mexico?

2 years ago #8610939        

@ Aufwiedersehen I would love to see more of these!

2 years ago #8576932        

Pfff- Sister NorKorea is not amused. XD


25 F
2 years ago #8573842        

uh oh I wonder if Mexico knows he's cheating on her... lol

Sister S.Korea is ADORABLE!!!

2 years ago #8552930        

aww... Sister Korea x Brother USA <3

2 years ago #8524194        

This is freakin adorable c;


33 M
2 years ago #8520127        

Sister S.Korea is so cute! Though I hope if she ever uses a sister S.Korea, I hope she looks like a Kpop star. Would be very fitting.

2 years ago #8504770        

Sister south Korea is so cute.^^

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