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Denmark, Finland and Sweden Fan Art by danishweirdo

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Fan Art: Denmark, Finland and Sweden

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Fan Art: Denmark, Finland and Sweden

Denmark is racing with Finland, while Sweden is standing on the side, acting boring :D

This wasn't really my idea, all credits to @simoa ;)
Well, Finland is of course riding his 'special' lion from the coat of arms. Denmark is riding the Danish Elephant from this @

It just seemed like a fun idea to make them race with each other, but I had to let Denmark win, no one want to see Denmark cry but perhaps Finland hehe :)

By: danishweirdo 10th July 2012


2 years ago #8584705        

Love the strange Lion. Love him so much ... <3

3 years ago #8456186        

I bet money on Denmark...

3 years ago #8450081        

Just love how happy the retarded lion is :3

3 years ago #8446059        

sweden needs a walrus to ride

3 years ago #8442294        

Sweden's jealous because he doesn't have a pet to ride on

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