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Fan Art: Islands

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Fan Art: Islands

Svalbard, Åland Islands, and the Faeros Islands.

Hope you all like it.
Sorry, Åland Islands is rather freaking out a lot, I don't know what got him so upset ;)

By: 17th July 2012


33 M
2 years ago #8525426        

@englishcrown That's because he can't not look badass. (usin my double negative for the day!)

I really like the look of contempt on Faroes face.

2 years ago #8506212        

Svalbard <3


19 F
3 years ago #8477588        

The fact that Sweden is married to Norway? Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if he went on a Finland-ish rampage on that.

3 years ago #8469328        

Cool :D

3 years ago #8465078        

Svalbard never fails to look badass. :D
Great job!

3 years ago #8461574        

Your comments look funny together xD

3 years ago #8458311        

I think Åland is pissed off at Sweden for being married to Norway with out telling him and he doesn't want to take his anger out of Sweden because he still loves him alot so he's venting on poor Svalbard xD

3 years ago #8457440        

svalbard is an archipelago not a island

3 years ago #8457340        

nice picture


16 M
3 years ago #8456480        

Åland is an island not the archipelago.

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