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Swedish Army Cosplay Fan Art by Dayvi

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Fan Art: Swedish Army Cosplay

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Fan Art: Swedish Army Cosplay

Based on this comic:

By: Dayvi 7th August 2012

2 years ago #8517880        

@SWEMike - Check the linked comic; the rather lovely cosplayer has chosen the same pattern camo as Humon used for Sister Sweden.

2 years ago #8515368        

Swedish Armed Forces uses M90 camo! :(

3 years ago #8492933        

Love it~ :D

3 years ago #8488220        

@Karalora - Looking at that object in her hands, Im wondering if she made Dayvi drop, and then gave him 20, before letting him give her one!

3 years ago #8482332        



36 F
3 years ago #8477500        

Did she make you drop and give her 20? *eyebrows*

3 years ago #8477123        

Haha, great work. :D

3 years ago #8476662        

@Dayvi I knew you looked like Sweden, but I didn't know you looked like Sister Sweden as well!

just kidding you're the one who took the photo?

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