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Eurovision, 2011 Fan Art by

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Fan Art: Eurovision, 2011

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Fan Art: Eurovision, 2011

Every year here at SATW there is a comic about the Eurovision Song Contest. The Netherlands, where I live, hasn't made it to the finals for 8 years now. This due to several mishaps and just bad luck. Like one year, when the act was to be a pipe organ. Disqualified, because the Norwegian stage wouldn't be strong enough to hold it. Next year. While the Netherlands fails to enter once again, Azerbaijan wins. Because that's totally in Europe, right? Better luck next time, I guess. Again.

By: 28th August 2012


18 F
2 years ago #8516058        

I really dont know why in EUROvision are Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkey or Georgia... they arent EUROPEAN countries... in 2012 Poland didnt participate in EUROvision, and last time when we were in final was in 2008

3 years ago #8498996        

What oneeightfennoswede says is correct; also, remember that Europe officially extends to the Ural mountains across Russian, so several of the former Soviet states are actually in Europe.

3 years ago #8497737        

It's not about being in Europe, it's about being part of Eurovision broadcasting, that's why Israel (and Azerbaijan) can compete, and technically Australia could as well.

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