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Fan Art: Sister Poland

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Fan Art: Sister Poland

Just a quick fanart to celebrate the fact that I finally decided to join the site \(^o^)/.
I tried to imitate Humon’s SD style, but lineart is kind of messy, sorry.

So… Sister Poland. I imagine her being sorta different then her bro, cause I usually hear different stereotypes about Polish women per se (I’m not sure if any of them are frequent in Scandynavia though). What I usually hear is that they put a lot effort to how they look and they may make good waifs cause they know how to cook.

Well… as for how I imagine her character, I think she would be polite and smiling at first but would get louder and more rude, the more comfortable she’d feel.
I also think she’d be very supportive to her brother but call him ‘helpless idiot’, when she’d be talking with her friends.

By: 22nd August 2012


2 years ago #8674978        

well.. if i may, i see her a bit differently :D

+ blond hair like Denmark - average Poles are dark blonds, but still blonds
+ all the time wearing a dress - womanlike, without unnecessary addons
+ very often with a sword/sable - in Silesian region was once matriarchal, the strongest in Europe; the spirit of Poles when at war; a sable is old-fashioned, representing the need to update (economy ect)

strong but loving in a 'girl-like' fashion flowers
sometimes a bit melancholic, often with wild ideas - compare to an a$$hole-like pragmatic Brother Poland

always fighting in private with her brother,
often complaining about him,
very supportive to him when the need comes

potential past relationship or a comic 'todo' :P
flirt, or more, with Brother Denmark - Cnut the Great (Knútr inn ríki) and the Polish-Danish 'visit to' England in the year ~1016, one more reason for Sister Poland to have the sable ;P

PS truly sorry for putting a post like this here but i did not find a better place for it :/

2 years ago #8551785        

She looks great!

She is very catholic, right? :-)


14 F
2 years ago #8535362        

Świetna! Właśnie tak ją sobie wyobrażałam.

2 years ago #8526023        

Bardzo ładna, ale panie na dole mają rację.
I to jest piękne, it's beautiful.


21 F
2 years ago #8521007        

Śliczna Polska :) Pozdrawiam

2 years ago #8499885        

Really well done :) Totally how I think Humon would draw her.

2 years ago #8494310        

She is nice)

2 years ago #8491016        


2 years ago #8490666        

Mein Gott....

2 years ago #8490595        

@EasternKatt oh she is awesome

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