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MCM Oct 2011 2 Fan Art by Dayvi

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Fan Art: MCM Oct 2011 2

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Fan Art: MCM Oct 2011 2

Cosplay :D

By: Dayvi 2nd September 2012

2 years ago #8559350        

Norway and sister Denmark are so cute together ^^

2 years ago #8506365        

Sure. ^^

2 years ago #8506360        

@EricTheRedAndWhite speaking of your opinion can you comment on some (or one) of my fan art please? if not then that's ok

2 years ago #8506317        

Hey, I'm just telling my opinion. :P

2 years ago #8506312        

@EricTheRedAndWhite ok let's just agree to disagree

2 years ago #8506169        

I was always talking about the hair length, not at all about the hairstyle. :P

Well, IMO, that wig hasn't long enough hair to make this person look like Sister Norway. The wig on "Sister Denmark" has a perfect length though.

2 years ago #8506158        

@EricTheRedAndWhite they have the same hair style, Sister Norway is just a little longer (like in the picture)

2 years ago #8506143        

So you're not even wondering why the hair looks like Brother Norway's and not Sister Norway's ?.

Anyway, if the one playing Norway is a girl, then she looks very manly. :P

2 years ago #8506112        

@EricTheRedAndWhite no I can see it's Sister Norway, see? she's wearing a skirt.

let's ask @Dayvi !!!! IS THAT SISTER NORWAY OR JUST NORWAY!? EricTheRedAndWhite SAYS IT'S NORWAY AND I SAY IT"S SISTER NORWAY, WHICH ONE OF US IS RIGHT? (and yes I did comment to you in all caps, (why? I don't know thought it's be funnier) also I didn't use cap lock I used shift key,

2 years ago #8505314        

Sister Norway ??. Pfft, it's clearly Brother Norway. :P

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