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Fan Art: Nordic birds

Fan Art: Nordic birds

National birds of Nordic countries.

By: Swanman 10th September 2012

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2 years ago #8681821        

NOOOOOOOW I know why Japanese Hetalia fans call Denmark&Finland pair a 白鳥組!

2 years ago #8566977        

@Karalora here in Finland we had a huge shock few years ago when someone made Finnish post stamp or something with Mute swan, everybody went like "NOOO the wrong biiiiird! We're not Danish!"

2 years ago #8517913        

So.. where is the barn swallow? ;-)

3 years ago #8514371        

@Karalora that's what I was thinking too :XD:


36 F
3 years ago #8514149        

"Denmark has a Mute Swan [link]
Finland has a Whooper Swan [link]"

Kind of ironic, that. You'd think it would be the other way around...

3 years ago #8510822        

@Karalora I'll tell you if you like

Denmark has a Mute Swan
Finland has a Whooper Swan
Iceland has a Gyrfalcon
Norway has a White-throated Dipper
Sweden has a Common blackbird

and for fun here's a list of national birds :D

3 years ago #8510815        

@Johyy it's a Common Blackbird


17 M
3 years ago #8509415        

The Swedes have a raven(?).


36 F
3 years ago #8509365        

Can we get some IDs for them? I recognize the swan and I guess Iceland's is...some kind of falcon?

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