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Puukkotappelu "Knife fight" Fan Art by Minorea

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Fan Art: Puukkotappelu "Knife fight"

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Fan Art: Puukkotappelu "Knife fight"

Tracon 2012, Tampere Finland cosplay
Sister Sweden - Minorea (me)
Finland 1 "slave" - some random Finland, thank you!
Finland 2, "thief" - Dr. Bloodred

By: Minorea 20th September 2012


15 F
2 years ago #8666653        

In Finland, this is a sport ;D


666 F
2 years ago #8599159        

haha, adorable, Sweden and Finland are one one the cutest couples.


23 F
2 years ago #8589908        

Actually he wasn't Finland. He is just random finnisn man. He had black trousers, black hat and white shirt. Welcome to Finland!

2 years ago #8558285        

In panel 8, in the background, there another finland. O.O how many finlands are in that bulding?!

2 years ago #8558284        



33 M
2 years ago #8521115        

I love the total gropage of the butt in panel 4. I'd have that smile too if I was Finland there, hehe. Matter of a fact, I do smile everytime I grab my girl's butt! lol.

2 years ago #8520303        

I couldn't help but notice Finland #3 in the bottom right panel... :b

2 years ago #8520241        

evil Finland is going to steal Sister Sweden, and Good Finland's going to save her

2 years ago #8520027        

Oh my god :D reps

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