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Jag älskar dig min härskarinna! Fan Art by Minorea

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Fan Art: Jag älskar dig min härskarinna!

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Fan Art: Jag älskar dig min härskarinna!

Tracon 2012 @ Tampere Finland

By: Minorea 20th September 2012


18 F
1 year ago #8994604        

Where is finland's knife? Is missing!

2 years ago #8587500        



23 F
2 years ago #8523838        

AmericanButterfly wut, crossplay? Dude, Finland is a guy and sister sweden is a girl, so what the fuk, crossplay?

2 years ago #8521516        

@Deadling it is a good cross-play


33 M
2 years ago #8521390        

@AmericanButterfly lol. You have to wait 2+ hours to get a single call right now. We're all surfing the web, lol!

EDIT: And just to stay on topic of the great cosplay... I will again say, Finland is one lucky bum!

2 years ago #8521345        

@Deadling at work? get back to work! I haven't seen it in years either


33 M
2 years ago #8521255        

@AmericanButterfly Unfortunately at work atm, and they block youtube, lol. But yes, OH YES the DBZ parody! I haven't had my cartoons for almost 4 years now. O_O! Hoping to get cable soon. Rabbit ears suck, lol.

2 years ago #8521195        

@Deadling I like Billy and Mandy too, though I really like that brain song

I think my favorite is when they do that Dragon Ball Z parody and fight in a karate tournament


33 M
2 years ago #8521102        

@AmericanButterfly I loved that episode of Billy and Mandy!

2 years ago #8520244        

@Leijonasisu Finland smiles all the time when he's lone with Sister Sweden, he not Mandy from Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, he can smile, and not destroy the fabric of existence

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