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In Finland this is a sport Fan Art by Minorea

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Fan Art: In Finland this is a sport

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Fan Art: In Finland this is a sport

Tracon 2012 @ Tampere Finland

Sister Sweden - Minorea (me)
Finland - My fiancé dr. bloodred

By: Minorea 20th September 2012

2 years ago #8553070      

you got that right! :laugh:

2 years ago #8550562      

And estonians are world champions of that sport

2 years ago #8538075      

THAT is a lucky man...


23 F
2 years ago #8525929      

It is woman's weight, 'cause otherwise everyone is going to choose minimun weight girl (which is 50kg) but if you are really thirsty, 80kg is much more than 50kg :D


32 M
2 years ago #8525159      

@paws4thot Damn, in the States for contests like this, you're lucky to get a ribbon or trophy. I need to start petitioning for the woman's weight in beer for the states! lol. (or man's weight in beer, we got some burly women, lol.)

2 years ago #8525117      

@Deadling - It gets better; the first prize in a wife-carrying race is the wife's weight, in beer!

2 years ago #8521575      

Epic :)


21 F
2 years ago #8521011      

Zarąbista z Was para!

2 years ago #8520232      

To the Finnish line my Swede!


32 M
2 years ago #8519962      

And what a fun sport it must be!

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