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Say you love me, in swedish Fan Art by Minorea

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Fan Art: Say you love me, in swedish

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Fan Art: Say you love me, in swedish

Tracon 2012 @ Tampere Finland

Sister Sweden - me (Minorea)

By: Minorea 20th September 2012


2 years ago #8610116        

jag älskar dig

2 years ago #8609432        

Amazing Cosplay!


20 F
2 years ago #8607559        

That's some amazing cosplay *O* Now because of you I'll think of buying yellow polish nail.
Really, a great cosplay!


23 F
2 years ago #8589909        

Willowthecollie, really nice to hear that, than you so much <3
MrDanish144, thank you too :D

2 years ago #8538493        

You are the best Sister Sweden cosplayer in the entire universe and I mean every word of that. :stare:

2 years ago #8530206        

Jag elskar deg

:-D og Denmark Loves Minorea


33 M
2 years ago #8524103        

@Minorea lol. Maybe it's cause Finland is always kneeling. (and why wouldn't he? lol.) You look much taller than you are. :XD: Good to know. I told my GF I wanted to get her a Sweden costume, she was open to it! :D

2 years ago #8523982        

@Minorea - Ok, how about you teach me Swedish, and spank me with the riding crop when I get stuff wrong? :twisted:


23 F
2 years ago #8523840        

Deadling, this Sweden is only 1,7cm taller than your girlfriend.


33 M
2 years ago #8521107        

I need to tell her that! That would make her feel so much taller I'm sure! LOL. Just like celsius compared to fahrenheit. I remember one summer in Portland, it was ilke 107 degrees F outside. My buddies in Australia were saying they send people home from school/work at 42 degrees C. Which just so happens to be around 107 Degrees F, lol... 42 sounds so much better than 107 is my point, lol.

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