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Fan Art: SATW Coach Tour

Fan Art: SATW Coach Tour

A popular television show here in the UK is Coach Trip, a reality show involving a coach tour of Europe.

Anyway, France is busy ignoring the no smoking policy of the coach, and England is confronting her in a manner too assertive for Germany, while Norway looks on bemused.

America, busy driving, gets distracted by the assets of Sweden, who got in the way of Canada when he was trying to help America navigate, also causing jealousy amongst Finland when he misinterprets the result. Creating a wanton path of destruction, to which to his misfortune, crossed paths with Denmark's merry bike ride.

Meanwhile non sparkly Count Romania is helping himself to the valuables in the luggage hold.

This piece is drawn with pencil crayons, which I futiley tried to create the illusion of momentum.

By: Thetford 5th July 2011

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1 year ago #9044245        

Omg this made me laugh more than i should've.. X'DD


21 F
2 years ago #8579364        

'I futiley tried to create the illusion of momentum.'

I wouldn't say that. It really looks like it's moving. Fast.

But where is Iceland?

3 years ago #8489945        

This is sooo awesome! >;3

3 years ago #8162686        

Hahaha! Finland being a maniac on the top of the bus totally makes the picture!


11 M
3 years ago #8087499        

hey, where is estonia?

4 years ago #600577        

This would make a great comic strip of coach trip! All your SATW couple could be there and everything! wow i might get planning and drawing!!

4 years ago #543805        

Crazy Finland is coming for you!

4 years ago #527848        

Ohmygosh, the story behind this is hilarious. America's face is epic, and I love the fact Denmark is on the front. :) Terrific piece!

4 years ago #518940        

Hah, Denmark riding on the front of the bus.

This is awesome.

4 years ago #516978        


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