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  You may kneel before my throne. SydneyCarton 389 SydneyCarton, 12 hours ago
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  The Swiss chocolate shop (part 3) SwissCross 381 SwissCross, 1 day ago
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  In the hall of NerdyDane NerdyDane 660 Dee, 2 days ago
  h-hi PatheticOtakuSatan66 6 PatheticOtakuSatan66, 2 days ago
  This is Halloween, this is Halloween...~ sneachda 814 waffledinosaur, 4 days ago
  A Talk with Bopnan #35 Bopnan 794 Bopnan, 4 days ago
  No particular need, but why not? filkerdave 242 filkerdave, 5 days ago
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  Proudswedes Chat ProudSwede 131 ProudSwede, 7 days ago
  Lisa's graphics Lavender 4 Norrient, 11 days ago
  Please Talk to Me PrincessOphelia 182 SydneyCarton, 11 days ago
  Palestine_yazan's Tent palestine_yazan 405 Swedishchinese363, 12 days ago
  Come say hi, and rawr! dino-soar94 8 dino-soar94, 13 days ago
  Test Lavender 2 Lavender, 13 days ago
  Blood,Trashcans,Meme shit and randomness PotatoOtaku66 new! PotatoOtaku66, 13 days ago
 NSFW Ironic Asian Girls hh12 13 PotatoOtaku66, 13 days ago
  * Squeak* *Wolf Growl* Oh you decided to visit? PotatoOtaku66 14 PotatoOtaku66, 14 days ago
 NSFW Hello PotatoOtaku66 new! PotatoOtaku66, 14 days ago
  MeddlingAmerican's Blanket Fort MeddlingAmerican 342 SydneyCarton, 14 days ago
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