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Guest Strips

If you are a fellow webcomic artist, we'd love your help.
Scandinavia and the World is looking for guest strips, while our main artist is having computer problems.

You must have your own webcomic series already. We are not accepting fan art.

What you get:
- Your strip seen by 1m monthly visitors.
- Full credit and a link to the your website (with a logo image if you want).
- Guest strips will be kept in the archive, so you will get a lot of long-term traffic too.
- You also get credited and linked to on our Facebook page (88,000 likes) and Twitter (7,000 followers).

What you have to do:
- Make a high quality strip with appropriate joke or educational information.
- Your strip must have similar art style. Not exact, just similar.
- Your strip must not have the characters do anything too out of character.
- Max image width of 900px. Any height.
- Files must be .PNG.

If this takes your interest please email me:
E-mail me before starting work.

Please look at the way we do (or actually don't do speech bubbles).
The font we use is 'Qarmic sans EXT.ttf', which is free.

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