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Vote for us in the Mix March Madness 2012 Webcomics Tournament

Thanks for voting everyone! We beat Kris :D
In the next round we're up against Octopus Pie, by Meredith Gran. Meredith seems like a good las, so I will not ask you vote, but if you want to you can :)

ComicMix is holding a giant voting tournament for the most popular webcomics. The prize is $100, which is a tiny prize compared to the amount of advert revenue they will get from everyone going to their site and voting.

Another bad thing about this is they have put Scandinavia and the World in the same division as our very good friend (and hotel sharing) Romantically Apocalyptic.

However, I ask for your votes because in the first round Scandinavia and the World is up against Starslip, by Kris Straub. Kris has been very mean to another friend of ours: So... You're a cartoonist?, and it would make me happy if we could knock him out in the first round.

Please, vote for Scandinavia and the World in the name of e-drama!

Vote for us by going here and searching (ctrl + f) for Scandinavia.

by Dayvi | 3 years ago


3 years ago #8484285        

How do i vote?


99 M
Admin Moderator
3 years ago #8245135        

Thanks for voting everyone! :D

3 years ago #8245039        

Voted~ I hope you'll win. ^^

3 years ago #8244832        

Voted ^_^ I love this comic so much, thank you for writeing it!

3 years ago #8243722        

I have voted the pie out of this!
(Although I had to also vote for some other things. But this one got the first vote. ^^)

3 years ago #8243667        

I found you through the contest ! And you got my Vote of Course. SATW is the funniest Webcomic i know

3 years ago #8243088        

@Dayvi good news Satw is kicking Starslips butt :)

3 years ago #8243004        

I Voted :)

3 years ago #8242875        

voted :D

3 years ago #8242603        

Done and Done!

P.S hope you win.

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