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For the first time ever we're releasing a book of comics :D

Coming this July is a 40 page book covering the comics of Scandinavia and the World throughout 2015.

This colourful illustrated book follows the adventures of all your favourite Scandinavia and the World characters, from New Years Eve 2014 to New Years Eve 2015.

Highlights include Finland talking, gay marriage in the USA, brightly painted sheep and parties in Greece.

- The book will be 40+ pages, all in full colour.

- Printed on Coated Silk paper with “perfect” binding.

- The book will be shipped worldwide via first class airmail.

Pre-Order Now

Due to the expense of printing, we're asking for fans to pre-order the book now.

Pre-ordering will last until July 24th. At the end of the month we'll print and send them out.

We'll only be ordering a little more than we need. So if you want a copy, this is your chance!

Pre-ordering is the only way to guarantee you'll get a copy and it'll be 16% cheaper than the final price.

We're ready to print now, we'd just like an idea of how many books we need.

Pre-Order Now

Our previous book Animal Lives was funded via kickstarter. And it turned out great!

This time we've got the process down to a tee and are running a short pre-order to know how many books to print. If we use kickstarter there is over a 2 month wait between backing and getting your reward, which we did not feel was needed for this.

Here are some responses to our last book project, Animal Lives so that you know you're in good hands:

"It was everything I was promised and more, the art is beautiful and the print is amazing."
- Morven Mckinnon

"A very fun book! The comic depictions of each species' mating habits are great, and I learned a fair amount in the process ^^
The book's perfectly bound and on sturdy paper, so it's held up well to my use."
- Davia Ditmeyer

"As for the overall quality, the shipping and customs didn't damage it, and it arrived in pristine condition, so I have nothing negative to say at all."
- Holzapfel

So without further ado, please pre-order your Scandinavia and the World 2015 now!

Pre-Order Now

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