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Leaking 30 11, 8:34am

@Karen No use in trying to talk sense to the true believers. They have their own little world where Assange is a shining hero beyond criticism and trying to bring him to court, were all of this can be settled in the proper manner is persecution. Assanges excuses are pathetic: "They will extradite me to America we're i'll get the death penalty", no we won't, because that would be a blatant violation of the Swedish constitution. "I don't understand the language", ever heard of a translator? We'll give you one for free, Dumbass. And EVERYONE in Sweden knows basic English.

This is actually a disturbing trend i noticed, with English, Australian and American men among others from the English speaking world, coming over here and basically acting like sex tourists. When they find out that Swedish girls aren't sluts but rather tough and independent and don't grab their ankles for the first pasty Australian computer nerd they see, they start crying and whining about "Feminism" and "Socialism". Absolutely no respect for our country or our laws. Throw Assanges pervert ass in Jail and then maybe we can find out if he really doesn't mind Swedens rape laws after all.

By the way Australia. Aren't you the ones who are censoring your Internet and more or less have a blanket ban on video games? Tell me who the Socialist are, again.