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SatW to the Big Screen 25 3, 11:44pm

One day Norway was packing when Denmark came in " hello Denmark.", Norway said with a smile as he always did. "*gasp* are you *gulp* leaving?!?!", Denmarks greatest fear had come Norway. Gone. " Yep, but don't worry I'll be right back", Norway awnsered joyfully. "But, but who will feed me, who will bath me, who will clothe me, and who will take me on nature hikes that I casually mess up!!??" Denmark went on his eyes filling up with more tears, and Norway just giggled. "First of all Denmark only the first and last things you said I do, and second of all I got you a Baby sitter!" Norway got excited as he went into it. "What… who… why…!!!???" Denmark studderd. "Sweden!" Norway replied. "WTF!?" Denmark stayed quiet after that. Then there was a knock at the door and Denmark hid. Then Norway left and sweden came in "Denmark where are you?!" Sweden angrily called. Then out of nowhere Denmark jumped out and swooped Sweden up in a net. "Hahaha!! I got ya'!!!" He yelled taking Sweden outside. "Your going to a place where no one will find you!!" Denmark evil laughed. And Sweden rolled his eyes. " you know I'm not scared of you? Right? " Sweden said with confidence. "You soon will be!!" Then Denmark threw Sweden into the pit of mucky water then Sweden was so mad that he chased Denmark all the way back home then they were so tired they fell asleep. When Norway came back he herd Sweden complaining and Denmarks fun, all he was happy about was that Denmark was okay even without him. ( which also means he could go out and have fun with all his friends without Denmark getting suspicious) :)