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Waiting Game 27 5, 12:29am

@NerdyDane Putin is unpopular in the West because he refused to be America's bitch and pushes their interests. So the media does its job portraying him as an evil dictator. Now don't get me wrong, our media lies as much, we have our complaints about Putin's internal policy, but as to our external relations - the absolute majority supports him. So it is not really meaningful to say "we don't like Putin but like Russia as a whole". He does what people want.
Again, Russia is not USSR, we no more have our communist religion, so Russia will always be ready to trade. It is now more of a merchant then of a warrior it used to be. And the only reason for a merchant to go to war is when he is ripped off and military expenses are smaller then the profit lost.
So lets learn about each other and try to understand us better :)