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Welcome to OH NO 23 6, 7:52am

It's quite funny. Those who are afraid to be called racists and act like sweden did here, is mostly politicians.

The average swede treats immigrants as if they were one of their own. So If you're a native swede and you do/say something that some immigrants may disagree with or find offensive, you instantly become a racist. :P

I blame this on Swedens politics, it's not good for immigrants, nor swedes. Hence why so many people voted for Sverige demokraterna, they are one of the few parties that "dares" to speak about immigrant politics, and that makes them a good target for the racistcard. I don't agree with some of their overall politics, but there is nothing wrong with their immigrant politic in my opinion - Most people just follow the flow and agrees with the news that they are racist, these people need to get themselves together and actually read their politics before judging. :P

I don't know, I just don't know whats going on with society.