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Judgement Day 15 7, 6:49pm

I have visited the USA. Despite how great Obamacare sounds to Europeans, (enlightened socialist caring for the poorest) the carefully -planned infrastructure just isn't there; the whole society would have to be geared to it and America (frightened of anything "socialist") doesn't understand how carefully the entire system must be to work. So Obama & company said "Presto, instant medical coverage for everybody" and thinks like magic it's going to work. As a matter of fact, Obambacare is a disaster which destroyes the rather decent systems many individual states had quietly set up on their own to help the poor. All it does is make many people unable to afford insurance any more; enrich the insurance companies; and drive doctors crazy with more bureaucracy (so that as many as possible are retiring early). Fewer students want to take on the debt of going to medical school because of the hassle of working under the new system, which is nightmarish because invented by politicians who know nothing of medicine.

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