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Ohh yeah, the story of Lili Elbe. Born a man as Einar Mogens Wegener, he was already married to an woman, she encouraged him to dress as woman and then he started transitioning seriously to female body and they started living as a lesbian couple. Denmark has always been so progressive in so many issues, including Hans Christian Andersen's homosexuality and his rather public love relationship to a male ballet dancer. Lili's story recently was adapted to a novel by an American author, and now the book is being adapted to the theaters starring British actor Eddie Redmayne (the guy who won an Oscar from playing Stephan Hawking) and a Swedish actress called Alicia Vikander. As a transgender myself I can't wait to watch this film! (although maybe I might have to watch it on Netflix, I think it's going to have a limited released only in the United States).

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