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Fishy Situation 2 9, 1:01pm

Well that's not strictly fair to Denmark. Yes, you're seeing a world first here people, a swede sticking up for Denmark.

Considering the sorry state of the Danish armed forces at the time of the invasion, they put a brave, but brief, effort. This, along with deft maneuvering on the part of Swedish and Danish politicians, allowed Denmark to smuggle damn near their entire Jewish population out of Denmark to Sweden. There they were checked up in hospitals before being rehomed. A school in my former town of residence was one such hospital.

And to give my own country some credit, we tapped and decrypted German radio and telephone communications (the guy who broke the code the first and second time did it with a notebook and pencil while commuting to work), and the Swedish Volunteer Corps to Finland, was and still is, the largest volunteer corps of it's kind. That is to say, a corps sent from a country not in war, to help a nation in it's own war. We also helped hide and train the Norwegian resistance. Still, I honestly wish we had done more back then.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the read, whoever read this!