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Fishy Situation 4 9, 4:18am

@Cyborg_Viking Well, we kind of did win Winter War (we survived in that Finland in its entirety was not occupied, but the fact is there was no way for us to come out on top in any negotiations that followed. We simple didn't have that sort of political clout or support). No, you're think of Continuation War there (unless that's what you meant, in which case I apologize for my misunderstanding), during Winter War Germany actually hampered support shipments coming through their border, what with them being allied of the Soviet Union at that time.

And we did receive some help (the jokes about the over sized shells that Sweden sold us will always be remembered) and volunteers, but they were drops of water in the desert, they were never going to be enough. Not that we aren't grateful for what we did get, there's just the question if there was more that others could have done...

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