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Fishy Situation 6 9, 4:17am

1. I honestly can't see how you can say "beating the shit out of Russia" and mean "losing 11% of land (arguably the best land, too) to USSR", even though Red Army lost several times more men (which is quite common for offensive side anyway)
2. "Beat the shit out of Russia with the aid of Germany" — seriously? Let's be frank: Finnish troops reclaimed lost territories, when USSR was struggling for survival, being ravaged by Nazi Germany (already controlling almost the whole Europe). That's like kicking the bully you hate most, while he's knocked down by another bully.
3. "Beat the shit out of Germany" — well, that's just ridiculous. By autumn of 1944 Axis was being beaten shit out of at accelerating rate. Finland left "sinking ship" and joined future victors. Let's kick another falling bully in the nuts.

I'd like to add that neither me, nor majority of Russians hold a grudge against Finland in that respect. We rather are ashamed of Winter War, and Finnish political maneveuring in WWII is usually thought of as something like "well, what could Mannerheim do?". Perfectly sensible things to have been done, nothing too gruesome. Self-defense, really. But not a lot of "beating the shit out of everyone around".