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Fishy Situation 15 9, 4:39pm

@ohnoidont Well, the propaganda machinery of this new Hitler of yours have Russians with bad Norwegian skills writing rubbish in commentary fields to enhance the glory of the regime, so I can understand it is hard to defend. FIrst Georgia, then Crimea, then East Ukraine. All the while threatening the rest of the neighbours from Finland and south with nuclear bombs and what have you. There is a serious problem with Russia these days.

But honestly, can you claim that the Bolsheviks killed less people than the nazis? It is true that Lenin and then Stalin had more years to do it in, and we could claim that the 12 year nazi rule was that more "efficient", but have you really forgotten the GULags? Don't you learn about Solshenitsyn in Russia?

Here's one book you can try and get some numbers from: "Genocide scholar Adam Jones claims that "there is very little in the record of human experience to match the violence unleashed between 1917, when the Bolsheviks took power, and 1953, when Joseph Stalin died and the Soviet Union moved to adopt a more restrained and largely non-murderous domestic policy." He notes the exceptions being the Khmer Rouge (in relative terms) and Mao's rule in China (in absolute terms)." Jones, Adam. (2010). Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction (2nd ed.) [?]: Routledge. ISBN 0-415-48619-X. Google Books