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Fishy Situation 16 9, 11:05pm

> Well, the propaganda machinery of this new Hitler of yours have Russians with bad Norwegian skills writing rubbish in commentary fields to enhance the glory of the regime

Seriously? "Bad Norwegian skills"? What on Earth are you blethering about, man? Spitting mindless hate won't take you anywhere.

> new Hitler

While I have no good words for Putin, calling him Hitler is plain ignorant. If invading other countries is all it takes to be called Hitler, please start with John F. Kennedy.

> It is true that Lenin and then Stalin had more years to do it in

I distinctly remember that we started our talk from "Stalin or Hitler", now it's Lenin as well. Plus all the casualties of full-blown Russian Civil War, no doubt.

> have you really forgotten the GULags?

You speak as if you remember them. The truth is, my grandparents lived in that time in USSR, and I can ask them. What about you, my boy? You've read something published in the USA? Well, I think twice before believing anything criticizing USA published here, and invite you to do the same. For fox' sake, even now most Westerners can't guess what communism is, if its definition from, say, Wikipedia hit them in the face.

GULag camps were an abomination, no doubt about that, and domestic policy was harsh to say the least. But everybody sent to camp was condemned by trial (such as it was, of course, but still) and got a sentence according to the law. Working and starving in the Northern Siberia is no picnic even so, for sure, but I think I know what would Polish Jews choose given chance. Would you rather prefer to be shot for your ethnicity?

> Don't you learn about Solshenitsyn in Russia?

What about him? Or, you probably mean his *fiction*. He's no historian, you know. Did you know he believed that Western countries should start nuclear war with USSR? He did. Now that's a humanitarian! Nobel peace prize for that man.

Once again about "who's worse": Poland was occupied at first by Nazy Germany, then got a Polish pro-Soviet government. Try comparing the consequences for the country.