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Looking for a new home 17 9, 12:57am

@Tay-Tech You know, you don't have to rely on the media portraits - especially not on those of a select few media outlets - there are many welcome centres all across Europe and you can volunteer there, and actually get to know some of those people. And, yes, chances are that they hope they'll be able to get an education and work, and have a normal family life. You know, become productive citizens instead of staying refugees for the rest of their life. That personal desire is independent from their right to claim asylum and their right to have that claim evaluated fairly, and accepted or denied based on their actual situation. Our nations signed the relevant treaties and made laws based on those treaties. Only, we never bothered to harmonize our approach - not when there was no war close to Europe in sight, and not during the last three years when it was obvious we should be doing something.