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Looking for a new home 17 9, 4:37am

@Linaste Usually, that tends to humble people, make them appreciate having at least Something again a bit more. One might even hope it would lead them to have a bit more patience whilst they are in a safe environment, give a nation to act.

It's not so much saying they deserve to be treated like shit, as much as just saying the image I, personally, get from what the media in my nation shows: News anchors say help them, their current treatment is bad, video footage they show says they are willing to just try and take what they want/go where they want.

And I do not know how I would feel, I have not been through what they have. Have you?

I should not want anything specific purely because of peer pressure. Aside from this comment, I am no longer going to even try to defend my comment, for I have a feeling it would only create more unneeded conflict because it is not someone else's view