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Looking for a new home 17 9, 5:12am


The whole idea about our country being near collapse is bullshit. As are these draconian government measures to curtail it.
In 2014, we ranked 58th in Gross national debt in relation to GDP ( That was behind such hellholes as Japan, Belgium, United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands and yes, even the famous economic powerhouse Germany, as well as nearly $30,000 below the EU average.
Per capita, we ranked 17th, behind all of those above, as well as such poor bastards as Switzerland and Norway (
In public deficit, we ranked 29th, after all the above, as well as such bankrupt and entirely failed economies as Canada, Austria and Denmark (

The only thing that really sucks for Finland is the trade deficit. The reason for that is largely the collapse of Nokia, we had foolishly based our economic growth almost entirely on Nokia. When Nokia collapsed, so did Finnish economy.

All of this is irrelevant though. The "reactions" that I refered to as "fucking depressing" were not only the ones relating to economy (although the amount of Finns who think of refugees merely as numbers instead of human beings *is* fucking depressing). Those reactions were even more so the death threats, rape threats and all other various threats targeted at people who try to help the refugees. As well as calling the situation at Mediterranean a "Sea Taxi Sevice". And calling the refugees "living standard surfers". And asking why the "young men" who are arriving in Europe are not fighting for their country (within the ranks whichever fundamentalist semi- to fully terrorist army is closest to their own personal ideology). What you and all the other nay sayers don't seem to realise, is that the refugee crisis is primarily a human crisis, and only secondarily an economic one.