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Looking for a new home 17 9, 9:16am

Al Qaeda Iraq is what you're referring to, yes that was the earlier form of ISIS. But they had been essentially put out of commission and were in a moribund state.
The violence that erupted in Syria gave them a second chance at life they would not have otherwise had.
And that violence is entirely the fault of Bashar al Assad and his iron fisted regime.

The supporting and backing of dictatorships is one of the leading cause of instability in the region. Period. Not just American bombs, but the complicity acceptance of Arab dictators existing to control their people.
It has even been suggested that the rise of modern Fundamentalist groups like ISIS and AQ is because of this. That Arab dictators have at turns destroyed or co-opted the old order of religious figures and scholars. Leading to them being discredited or non-existent as the case may be. Creating a furious and frustrated vacuum wherein extremists grew.
Saddam was a genocidal maniac who invaded Iran, attempted to wipe out Iraqi Kurds, and did severe environmental damage to attack the Shias in the south of Iraq.
He was not Josip Broz Tito or Deng Xiaoping. He was not a stability dictator. He was the opposite.

If you're trying to get thumbs up from Arabs by calling them Daesh, you should probably also not support their living under violent dictators because they need to be controlled.