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Looking for a new home 17 9, 12:24pm

@txag70 I Disagree that most of the fault lays on America. We do need to pick up the slack, and a large amount of it can be blamed on us, there is still a lot of the blame can be put on, well, everyone! If we weren't there, the Arab Spring would have still popped up, Syria and Iraq would have fallen apart (this is arguable), and ISIS or and ISIS-like state would have still emerged (maybe pinning less blame on America and even more on Israel, Iraq, and Assadi-Syria).

I also disagree with if Bush the 1st overthrew Saddam if he could it would have made Iraq fall apart. I think a good amount of the instability in Iraq came from years of sectarian tension that blew up, with the American Invasion being the straw that broke the camel's back (or in this case, the anvil that broke the camel's back), and if Bust the 1st overthrew Saddam, I'd argue he could have calmed Iraq, at least somewhat. (Although jpwcandide does have a point where a more efficient Marshall-Plan and Occupation makes all the difference)