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Fishy Situation 17 9, 8:46pm

@ohnoidont There is a propaganda machinery in Russia, made especially to spread the propaganda of the current regime. They're not hard to spot tho, sounding like deranged translate Google at times ;)

Well, Putler or Putlin. Choose what you like best. I prefer Putler because of the comparison with both Sudetenland and Anschluss.

Well, Nazism - Communism. Different shades. (Oh gawd this new system is a mess. Wish I could just click on our conversation and go there....) Found it! Ah, you may see we did talk about communism vs nazism. Which is why I elaborated on the issue.

Published in the USA? Whut? I live in Norway. Sentence by the law? Are you for real?

There were 100.000 Russian (and some thousand Serbian) slaves in Norway during the occupation, building amongst other things the European way 6. Also called the Blood Way. When the surviving 83.000 prisoners were sent back to Russia, how many were were executed for "desertion"? Picnic for sure...

And why do you try to save your own history by comparing with the Nazi regime? Don't you realize that you've lost the argument just there?