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Looking for a new home 17 9, 11:40pm

@txag70 No doubt, the US is to blame for much, and Iraq 2003 is in a lot of ways, what caused Al-Qaeda to spread to Iraq, and then eventually lead to the creation of ISIS.

But putting the blame soley on the US isn't correct either, there's a lot of parties with plenty of responsibility to the creation of Al-Qaeda to start of with, Soviet union, the Daoud regime and Saudi arabia are the main culprits in that story. Then moving to the present, Assad is plenty responsible for the insurgency in Iraq, and I guess what goes around comes around. However ISIS rise was due to the morons the Iraqi shias (mainly) elected to lead the country.

As for the situation in Syria, only Assads regime can be blaimed, nobody made him go full auto on the protests.