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Looking for a new home 18 9, 2:02am

@Ferrari27 I'm not really a leftist. I am in the sense that FDR was. I loathe the left-wing identity politics of the modern-day Democratic party. I simply support a strong regulatory policy against Wall St. Fraudsters and their Corporate robber barons, along with a single-payer healthcare system and a MUCH higher estate tax instead of income taxes. I actually think we need to raise the social security age (it was not designed for retirement, it was designed as a crutch for people who lived past life expectancy) to a bare minimum of 70, if not 73. I think a lot of the problems in the black American community can only be solved by -- that's right -- the black American community.

I long for a return to the days of high taxes on the wealthy, corporations, and capital gains, and public works projects instead of welfare (like the CCC, TVA, Eisenhower's Interstate Project). I STRONGLY support a greater funding of our national labs and NASA.

And left-wing foreign policy leaves a lot to be desired. Realpolitik in naked American self-interest is the best way to go.

I guess I'd call myself a New Deal Democrat.