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Looking for a new home 18 9, 3:33pm

I am happy to comply. I live in Germany. Literally thousands of refugees come here every week, and there are several thousand of them in my home town. Many of them are confined to miserable camps without electricity or heating and only basic facilities. Others just linger in or around the main train station. Some basically sleep rough on the streets. I see them every day on my way to and from work; I pass families and groups and loners every day, most of them tired and exhausted and lost and scared. Dozens, perhaps hundreds of them, without shelter or enough food or anything, waiting to be handeld away into some kind of shelter.
Not once have I seen anything remotely similar to this disgusting picture. At least not among the refugees, that is - I have seen similar scenes among a huge barbecue/outdoor festival among immigrants that have been established here for a while, and among second/third generation kurdish rioters, among "natives" (especially the poor, uneducated ones) and among tourists of any nation. Oh, and recently, among those disgraceful "concerned citizens" that throw rocks at refugee camps and burn down shelters.
But the refugees? The displaced persons that are right now flooding into Germany? They have been graceful and grateful and just so relieved that they have a place where they can catch their breath for a moment without starving and fearing for their lives.