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Looking for a new home 18 9, 10:43pm

@txag70 There's no power vaccum and never was. Only an incompetent and corrupt government, that only ever catered to Shia Muslims (the majority in Iraq). And left sunnis in the gutter (Kurds too, but they are a slightly different story due to autonomy). Then they go on and massacre sunnis in peacefull protests. Despite US pressure not to.

ISIS comes along and give the sunnis an offer to good to refuse.. well, at the time atleast.

Had Saddam remained in power, ISIS as we know it wouldn't exist, and there'd be little to no Al-Qaeda activity in Iraq, yes. Had the Iraqis gotten either 3 seperate states, OR elected a reasonable government, atleast one that wasn't completley ignoring or worse yet, outright shooting at like 1/3 (or so) of the country's population, it'd make a difference.

Saddam however was a looneybin with no real friends, just like Khaddafi.. Assad is a Russian ally, but hey.. However there were no realistic reason for the US to oust Mubarak.