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How the North works 20 9, 10:35pm

@Corson you forgot finlands history my friend. Finland was 700 years east part of Swedish kingdom. In that time there lived finnish and swedish people, when sweden lost Finland to Russia 1809 there lived finnish and swedish people and when Finland finally got independence 1917 there still lived finnish and swedish people. Today Finns are mixed race between finns/swedish people. Swedish influence is much bigger than some 300 000 finnish swedes who are living today in finland. For example my family changed their swedish lastname in year 1907 to finnish lastname because it was fashion at that time when finlad looked for their own identity. At same time we decided that now we start to speak finnish . Example, one day your own father come to room and say; i have to tell you that i have a secret, i have a child with another women. Do you mean that this boy is not your relative???? Finns and Danish have very little to do with together, but must remember that Finns are younger stepbrother to Swedish. Stepbrothers are relatives to eachothers and that links Finland very strongly to Sweden as 700 years common history.