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Day at the beach 21 9, 9:04am

I just went through the same experience. From the state I live in, the closest beach is 10 hours away. And because I don't have a super rich family, so our vacations are never to the beach, but to the mountains (which is not much of a vacation because I can see the mountains from my house, we live less than 45 from them). So recently, my church went on a two day trip to Florida (which is 14 hours away). When we pulled into the beach, I screamed at the top of my lungs, almost causing the driver to wreck. I was screaming while still in the car, "DEAR GOD THERE IS AN OCEAN THERE! Let me out! Let me out! Let me out! LOOK THERE IS A FREAKING PALM TREE! DO YOU SEE THE PALM TREE! THERE IS REAL SAND! LOOK IT'S WHITE! HOW IS SAND WHITE?" Then the car made contact with sand and I jumped out of it while it was still moving. They told me not to go to the water, so I rolled in the sand and rubbed it all over my body. Then when they told me I could go in the water, I sprinted full speed toward the ocean while screaming. Then I let the tide pull me about 100 feet out (just about at where the limit is for swimmers, and every body was getting worried about me, and I was trying to tell them let me die in peace. I was in the water for four hours, and it got to the point that I had been in the water so long that I no longer had the strength to swim back, and I was dehydrated after swallowing mouths full of ocean water and not drinking anything, and I was horrible sunburnt from not putting sun screen on. So I was prepared to die in the ocean, and I was letting water come over my face. Then my friend swam all the way out there to get me, and pulled me back to shore, telling me it was time to leave. The adults with the first aid kit made me drink a lot of water and eat a lot of food. That was over a week ago, and my sun burn is still peeling. I HAVE NO REGRETS.

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