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Looking for a new home 21 9, 8:24pm

Already 4 down votes at this moment. It is not a question of game theory and mathematics. It is, however, an issue of oversimplification and using improperly applied math to mask ones actual opinion: "I don't want them foreigners in my country!".

There is not a "real problem" of "some religions and cultures" encouraging people to "breed like rabbits". It is, for instance, not true that "Muslim countries" as a general term are "overflowing with millions of angry young men who have no jobs and no future". That is just not the case. Tunisia, Libya and other countries that were swept up by the Arab Spring did indeed have a huge problem with youth unemployment, and that was due to gross mismanagement on part of their governments. A history of ruinous economic policy has led to countries with millions of well-trained, desperate young men and women that were longing for a change. And those did, as you might have noticed, NOT flee their home countries in the millions or migrated en masse to Europe. By and large, they stayed and fought for their change, or they returned (in case they did flee) to their country in order to rebuild it.

The people fleeing from Syria right now do not leave their country because it is overpopulated and cannot support its population. We are not seeing this mass exodus because Syria was "overflowing with millions of angry young men who have no jobs and no future". Those are war refugees, not locusts. They flee their home because of violence and terror, not because there isn't enough food and work. Well, there is neither now, but that is a consequence of the same war that drove those refugees out in the first place.

Having many children is mostly a function of the economic situation, not the cultural background. The birth rate in Saudi Arabia is 2.12 children born/woman (2015 est.). Wealthy countries have lower birthrates, regardless of their religion.

So... no. The cause for this massive movement of refugees is not people fucking too much. It's people killing each other. And the claim that those countries that offer help and assistance "will be overrun, their culture destroyed, and their people wiped out" is just ridiculous in its xenophobic prejudice. That is not mathematics and game theory. That is just evil. There is plenty of food and resources available for everyone; we throw away more than they could even eat - we could literally keep them fed on our scraps alone. While it will be a burden economically, we do not have to fear housing even huge amount of refugees. As far as the part about "their culture destroyed, and their people wiped out" - what is WRONG with you? The people coming to Europe are fleeing a war in their home country; they aren't barbarian invaders bent on genocide. They are human beings, not a creeping infestation. This gets constantly dropped during such pseudo-arguments against housing refugees: They are people. They are humans.